8. Spanish language course for teachers

This course is designed for Spanish teachers or those studying to become teacher. The main objective is to improve their skills in three specific areas:

Oral communication-fluency, pronunciation, structures and social, regional and stylistic variations of the language.

Culture- includes various cultural differences, based on the study of current topics in Latin American literature and mass media communication.

Grammatical precision- widens use of structures, taking into account differnces in style and the purpose of the message. Written communication is studied in detail, considering formal aspects such as cohesion, coherence and precision.

The course provides Spanish teachers the opportunity to considerably improve their knowledge (linguistic and cultural), and to share their experiences in the classroom with native Spanish speakers who work in the same field.

4weeks: $1700
3weeks: $1300
2weeks: $1000
1week: $550

The price includes:

Airport pick up and transfer airport – host family – airport.

Lodging with a Panamanian family: two meals per day, laundry service and private room.

Spanish lessons daily in our Spanish immersion language school

Textbook and extra printed material.

Panama City Tour: Casco Viejo & Cinta Costera

Visits to School

Field trips and sponsored activities.

Panamanian cooking lessons & lunch on Friday.

Tropical Fruits on Thursday.

Two sponsored activities per week.

Internet free and wireless.