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At ILERI Spanish School, We offer our Spanish Immersion Program, where we use the 'Natural Approach Method' of teaching Spanish. This is the same as the way we learn our native language as children; by seeing, hearing and repeating. As the students learn through repetition there is little need for translation by the teachers. The students learn to think and express themselves in Spanish.

At ILERI Spanish School, we believe that only when Spanish lessons are interesting, functional, and fun to do is it possible to learn quickly and easily. Consequently, the essence of our courses is a varied and dynamic teaching approach. Our aim is to teach classes that are intensive, yet challenging and enjoyable.

Our goal at ILERI is immediate communication and therefore the emphasis is on conversation, with grammar as a tool in learning. We teach the students to use the language, to live it, to feel it and to use it. The Spanish Immersion Program will help to the student to get more confidence and fluency with the language.

Our students live a cultural and linguistic experience through our teaching methodology and their interaction with the host families and local people.

Students placed through the methodology ACTFL in which the students give a placement oral and sit a written test.

We only have small teaching groups at specific teaching levels. The maximum number of students per class is four, changes can then be made depending on each student's progress and learning needs, so you will learn Spanish in Panama.

Program Description